ICT Projects/Initiatives

Computerization of High Court and District Courts

High Court of Madhya Pradesh - Jabalpur

A NIC computer cell was setup in the High Court of M.P. in the month of Jan., 1995 for extending the required informatics/computing services towards streamlining and simplifying the functioning of registry and to help make the Judical administration function in a transparent manner and to aid in making the information available to the end users easily.

Area of Activities:

1. To provide the necessary Operational Support for Computerization, to the Madhya Pradesh High Court , Jabalpur

2. Coordination for Computerization of two Benches of M.P. High Court at Indore and Gwalior.

3. To provide necessary Technical Expertise to the Office of the Advocate General of Madhya Pradesh, Central Administrative Tribunal & Judicial Officers Training and Research Institute (J.O.T.R.I.) in the design & implementation with regard to their Computerization needs.

4. Coordination for District Court Computerization & Networking Programme for entire state of Madhya Pradesh.

NIC Provides : Technical Support, Systems Analysis & Design, Software Development, Training, Implementation Support

NIC’s Team Strength: Two

1. Arun Aharwal, Technical Director & OIC

2. Aashish Shukla, SA

Application software Modules:


Name of the Project

Brief Description of the Project


Database Package

Developed By


List of Business Information System (LOBIS)

Generating Daily/ Weekly Cause list. These Cause List are also being ported on INTERNET regularly. This software is also used for providing up-to-date information to the litigants/lawyers in respect of status of pending and disposed of cases on the basis of case number, party name and Lower Court details etc., free of charge.

Judicial Branch of the High Court




Personnel Information System (PIS)

Generation of gradation list, Zone wise list, promotion details, posting details, district wise list, age wise list and compilation of arrears and disposal etc. of the Judicial Officers belonging to District Judiciary.

Confidential Section of the High Court.




Vigilance Monitoring System

Generate reports regarding pendency of complaints against Judicial Officers in order to help Vigilance Branch of the Registry.

Vigilance section of the High Court




Disposal Information System

This software is used for generating Daily, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly Statistical Reports with regard to institution, disposal and pendency of cases .

Statistical Work Section of the High Court.




Works Monitoring System

Arrangements had been made for calculation and for generation of various reports under centrally sponsored scheme (Addition, Alteration, New Court Building, Pending List, Minor Original Work etc.)

Works Section of the High Court.




Revision & Gradation Process Information System

The system is exclusively used for confidential section, It deals with allotment of dates of Selection grade, super time scale & above super time scale to the judicial officers.

Confidential Section of the High Court.





It is used to generate Pay Bills, all kinds of schedules, pay slips, calculation of arrears etc. for all employees of the High Court.

Accounts Section of the High Court.




Bunching of Cases

Mechanism had been devised for bunching of cases involving similar points of law, so that they may be posted for analogous hearing before appropriate bench for simultaneous disposal.

Judicial Section of the High Court.




Library Information System

A catalogue of all the books/journals available in the Library had been prepared.

Library staff of the High Court.

Initially on Foxplus and switched on MS Access



Budget Monitoring System

Data Entry & Report Generation of Budgetary details of High Court & Subordinate Judiciary of M.P.

Budget Section

MS Access


Certified Copies Delivery System

It is used for Scan-Store-Retrieval of certified Judgment/Orders copies promptly

Copying Section

Visual Basic with MS Access.



Centralized Filing Counter

Used for filing fresh cases uniformly .

Judicial Branch



 Local Area Network : -

1) Structured LAN Client-Server Technology using UTP CAT5 , Optic Fibre.Cable with Layer-II Switches running currently for 100 nodes (PC’s) over 2 High End Servers. All Courts and Registry sections are connected in LAN.

2) LAN with UTP CAT 5 having STAR Topology running for 45 Nodes (Dumb Terminals) over 2 Server using Server-Dumb Terminals.

Internet Connectivity :- Skyblaster VSAT 360E (Provided by NIC)

Training of the Users - Regular training are being provided to the Court Staff & Registry Staff on Word Processing, Basics of Computer, Internet, Data entry & Management etc. About 500 persons were trained in last five years. All training programmes were arranged and managed by NIC. Necessary training books of Basics of Computer, Word Processing, Email & Internet, MS-Excel & Power-Point was provided to the trainees by NIC.

Website : - <http://mphighcourt.nic.in> . It is a Complete Website in all respects for High Court of M.P. This website provides the case status, Daily/Weekly Cause-list and important non Judicial orders for the litigants and general public. It is also updated with Various Posting, Transfers and Promotion Orders of M.P. Judicial Officers and Results of various Examination conducted by HC.

Video Conferencing : -

1. ISDN based Multi Point Video Conferencing facility amongst the Principal Seat at Jabalpur and the Benches at Indore & Gwalior is running successfully. This facility is used for the participation of Hon’ble Judges of Principal Seat at Jabalpur and its Benches at Indore & Gwalior, in the important meetings without leaving Head Quarters.

2. Video Conferencing facility between District Court and District Jail, Jabalpur has been started and in 3 major cities of the State is going to be start soon.





SERVERS (Provided by NIC)


1) WIPRO/P-II - 90Mhz, 32 MB RAM, 2.1 GB SCSI HDD, PCI SCSI 32-Bit Enet Card, 32 Ports EISA based RIO Card. 2) HCL/P-III - 430 Mhz, 64 MB SDRAM, 2 x 4.3GB HDD, PCI SCSI Controller Card with LTS 3 & 4) HCL Infinity Global Line 2700HN DUAL 2.4 GHz Intel Xeon processor



32 HCL GIST Terminals & 16 WIPRO/VXL Terminals

PC provided by High Court


Pentium-IV HCL, IBM & Compaq with Windows XP Professional.

LAPTOP for Hon’ble Judges provided by High Court


IBM Think Pad Pentium-IVR 40 (2682-PA4) Windows XP Professional Preloaded .

Printers - Type of printers and numbers :

1) 37 WIPRO LQ1050+ , 132 Cols. Dot Matrix Printers. (Provided by NIC & High Court)

2) 5 PANASONIC, 80 Cols. Dot Matrix Printers. (Provided by NIC)

3) 30 HP LASER Printers.(Provided by High Court)

4) 5 HP Inkjet/DeskJet Printers. (Provided by High Court)

5) 26 All-in-One Office machine Printers. (Provided by High Court)

Scanners - One Scanner-cum-Printer- HCL Toshiba e-studio230 (Provided by High Court) One Scanjet 7400C (Provided by High Court)

Power Supply system : - UPS - Rating, make and numbers





5 KVA (Provided by NIC)



0.6 KVA(Provided by High Court)



1 KVA(Provided by High Court)


Software : -

Operating System :- SCO Unix, Linux, Windows-98 and Window XP

Office Application :- Lyrix, Professional, MS Word & MS Excel, Open Office.

Database management system:- SCO Foxplus, MS access, Visual Foxpro

Maintenance : -

Software and LAN are fully maintained by NIC, while Hardware of NIC are maintained by the company, assigned by NIC for AMC.

High Court of Madhya Pradesh Bench, Indore

HardWare By NIC

  • 2 Servers ( 1 Out of AMC now)

  • 21 Gist Terminals

  • 2 LTS (8 Ports) + 1 Specialix (16 Prt)+1 HUB(12 Port)

  • 15 DMP

  • 1 DFX (Out of AMC now)

  • 3 Clients(2 Clients Out of AMC now)

  • 46 Line Drivers

  • 2 BNC Converters.


Sco Open Server OS. & Sco Foxbase,Sco Lyrix,Sco Professional ,Windows 98,Windows XP ,MS Office .

Ongoing Status

AT high Court intially Hardware was provided by NIC with Software received from Jabalpur Main Registry/COURTIS New Delhi.Now Software has been tuned a lot looking into the requirement of this Bench Registry.

The Main Computerisation part consist of Maintaining High Court Case Database Along with LOwer Court Case details.The case details are being feded since the case is filed & then listing dates are maintained.till the
last status of decision.Checking of Connected cases through Lower Court Cases database is very very usefull exercise done at this Registry. Monthly Statics Statements are being generated on the basis of Data maintained on the system.many reports required on day to day basis is being generated on data maintained.

High Court of Madhya Pradesh Bench, Gwalior

NIC has provided HC with P-III HCL server with 4 GB HDD on which the whole bench registry setup is running. The
main program is in foxbase. It includes case registration, causelist generation and its dissemination on internet. The Operating system is Unixware 2.1 with 25 users licence. We have 16 terminals working at various locations and soon will provide connectivity to various clients.

They have seven sitting Judges. Terminals are provided in each PA/PS room of the Hon'ble Judges they use lyrix as word processor for typing in the judgements. Besides this there is enquiry counter to answer the public/ advocates/ staff queries regarding the registered cases. The disposed off cases or the status of listed cases
is also modified in the database accordingly, this facilitate enquiry operator to satisfy the query regarding latest status of the case.

Many reports like pending, disposal, naturewise disposal, judgewise disposal etc are generated on regular basis and many are created and generated whenever the user approaches NIC person with request. Payroll is computerised. Few Establishment work is also computerised but due to lack of staff the data feeding is incomplete or is not modified regularly so it is not in proper use. Library catalogue is computerised. Now the High Court is procuring new hardware. NIC has established a LAN with 40 nodes at this site. HC has procurred 16 windows client and in very near future we will have all of them on LAN. NIC has to look after the installation and provide all technical guidance and help to the High Court staff and administration. Till today NIC is maintaining data and the machine (except the ones puchased by the HC).

NIC also has a Wipro Netpower server with VSAT installed on it being used for internet under windows environment. HC got the video conferencing equipment from NICSI and NIC person got it installed at the VC studio. They have VC on ISDN line. till today NIC person looks after the VC sessions and provides full support to HC in that regards. NIC has provided us with a new server few days back with Red Hat Linux enterprise version 3 and Oracle 10 G CDs. NIC is looking forward to change the platform to Linux and Oracle 10 G. This exercise may take one complete year as supreme court is much ahead of MP High Court and still in process to implement it online. We have also received IVRS equipment and planning to implement it very soon. High of M.P. Bench registry is in process of implement the concept of on-line filing which will be soon implemented at bench registries at Gwalior and Indore. A lot is scheduled for computerisation as now HC has good amount of funds for computerisation hence we may hope for better results this year.

Till last months NIC person used to provide the local training as per official requirement. Now HC has appointed a
trainer on contract basis and has installed 7 m/c in a room for training. HC is planning to get all of its staff trained on computers. NIC is supposed to supervise it and most of the things are decided by them hence in actual sense I am just observing that their orders are being carried out in this regards.

District Courts

Under the project viz., ‘District Court Computerization & Networking Programme’ NIC Dist. Court Computer Centres have also been setup in forty-five districts in M.P. Thirty- nine of these Dist. Court Computer Centre have already become functional. District Court Information System (DCIS), Payroll package, JUDIS on CD-ROM & necessary software for computerization of Statistical Reports were provided to all the District Courts and implementation of the same is in active progress.