Sh. Vivek Chitale
Senior Technical Director & Additional SIO

0755-2551265 Ext./IP-37017 (OFFICE)
0755-4924270 (HOME)
9425302090 (MOBILE)

Group Members
S.No.Name of the EmployeeDesignationContactE-Mail Id
1.Ms. Geetanjali MehtaSenior Technical Director2551265 Ext./IP- 37025 (O), 9425303133 (M), 2468013 (R)
2.Sh. Manoj DixitTD2551265 Ext./
3.Sh. Rajendra Upadhyay TD2551265 Ext./IP -37049 (O) 9425472214 (M)
4.Sh. Nilesh Kumar MandloiSSA2551265 (O) Ext/IP-37086 mandloi.nilesh[at]nic[dot]in
5.Sh. Nitin GuptaSSA2551265 (O) gupta[dot]nitin[at]nic[dot]in
6.Sh. Vinay NamdeoSA2551265 Ext/IP- 37091 (O)vinay[dot]namdeo[at]nic[dot]in
7.Ms. Anjali TripathiSA2551265 Ext/IP-37085 (O)anjali[dot]tripathi[at]nic[dot]in